If you have any questions about our plans, check below to see our frequently asked questions and answers.


What type of accommodation is proposed?

The proposed scheme aims to: Deliver a desirable managed residence in the heart of Manchester, capable of housing 54 luxury apartments of 1,2 and 3 bed all of which will have at least dual aspect and some will spread over multiple floor levels.

Why the Need for Gold Cladding? 

The gold cladding was chosen in order to create a bold, contemporary building that will provide a distinctive and positive addition to this area.  The cladding system itself is of an extremely high quality and has a civic quality, as evidenced in its use within a number of Civic Buildings around the country, including the Arts Centre in Colchester and The Hive, Worcester Library in Worcester.  The gold colour has a unique linkage to the history of the area and wider links to Manchester’s heritage.

Will parking be provided?

The configuration of the site does not allow for substantial car parking to be provided as part of the proposed development and just one disabled along with a managerial space is accommodated directly within the scheme.  It should be pointed out that the site has excellent accessibility to a range of modes of public transport and offers a tremendous opportunity to genuinely promote sustainable transport behaviour.  In addition, 54 cycle parking spaces are proposed to serve the 54 dwellings that are proposed.  For those residents who do require a space, then it should be noted that there is currently a provision of 1968 car parking spaces within a 5 minutes’ walk of the site.  These car parks offer contract parking for residents, and it should be noted that the NCP car parks in Manchester offer discounted season tickets for central Manchester post codes.  In addition, city car club spaces sit adjacent to Piccadilly Station, within walking distance of the proposed development.   

Why do we need more residential accommodation?

Manchester’s Core Strategy (2012) identifies that a Strategic Spatial Objective is to support the provision for a significant increase in high quality housing provision at sustainable locations throughout the City, to both address demographic needs and to support economic growth.  Further, the Manchester Piccadilly Strategic Regeneration Framework (2018) identifies that the proposals for East Village neighbourhood, within which the site is located, envisage it to be a mixed-use area with apartments, townhouses, smaller office floorplates, retail, cafes and bars.

Have you considered other uses for this site?

Due to the sites current configuration and its position being close to Piccadilly connecting it via the station and moreso with upcoming HS2, the location is considered best suited for purpose-built high end residential accommodation.

Why is the building height proposed?

At 0.07 hectares, the site is constrained in terms of size, 15 storeys is required to deliver a quantum of development that is viable and can drive the quality threshold of the architectural design to levels provided by the proposals. The site’s location in the City Centre adjacent to its principal public transport node, demands an efficient and higher density use of the land. 

What are the plans in terms of landscaping the site?

The private terraces will have a muted, complimentary palette of materials, allowing the colours and textures of the planting to come to the fore front. The overall appearance will be of a luxurious urban oasis overlooking the city skyline.

What impact will the proposals have on ecology?

The LK Group has undertaken an Ecological Site Walkover for the application site.  The Study identifies that there were no international, national or local statutorily designated sites within a 1km radius of the site.  Similarly, there were no protected plant species found on site, Also having consulted with MCC earlier on we had been informed that there were no Tree Preservation Orders affecting the property/land and it is not within a Conservation Area.

Will the development be noisy?

A Noise Assessment will be submitted alongside the planning application. However, through effective management of the use and appropriate design, the potential for any disturbance will be minimised.

How will the site be accessed

The site will be accessed via Store Street. Given the site’s very close proximity to local bus services and especially Piccadilly Station, it is expected that the vast majority of residents will use the train services, as well as cycle and walkways  that connect the site. Parking spaces will be made available for disabled residents who require them. Servicing of the development will be designed into the proposals and be appropriately managed, conscious of residential amenity.

When do you expect to submit this application?

A full planning application is expected to be submitted in the coming weeks. It is hoped that the development could be complete by March 2023.

What happens next?

Even after the application is lodged, we would welcome your thoughts and if we do secure a planning permission, we would look to maintain such lines of communication throughout any future construction works.