Our commitment to deliver

Developers’ commitment to deliver M1 Piccadilly

As proven developers nationwide and more so within the North West we are looking forward in obtaining planning and commence the build immediately with delivery within 2 years.  

How are we to achieve this?

As we have a proven track record in ‘building-out’ all of the reports and preparation to date include a detailed build program and all the steps required to ‘deliver’ this project, we have on standby the sales and marketing materials that are fully prepared in advance and the Directors have a proven track record in selling quality property, both in Manchester and nationwide.

Indeed, one of the Directors was the founder and owner of Knight Knox International Ltd, built up from 2004 to 2017 and based in Manchester Salford Quays. They have been arguably the countries leading property sales companies, responsible for selling over 50 projects in the North of England, including in Manchester, alongside builders such as X1 and directly, the other director being a property investor enthusiast and lifelong entrepreneur building up a wealthy network of high net individuals that are prepared to invest in the future of Manchester.

How passionate are we with developments in Manchester?

The developers are passionate about this project and are looking forward to delivering a special site right in the centre of Manchester, on successful delivery of this project we are looking to invest more into the regeneration of ignored but once dynamic neighbourhood’s, we are not resting on our laurels on one project but have our eyes on multiple developments’ across the city that furthers our reputation and kudos as well as enhancing Manchester’s skyline.


Yours Truly,


On behalf of the Directors

M1 Piccadilly

(more detailed letter can be found here)